Saturday, May 21, 2011

skirt to shirt refashion

So, once upon a time I lived in a town called Macon, Ga.  And as much as I loved all of the people I met, it was not exactly the fashion capitol of America.  So I bought a mid-calf pleated skirt that was two sizes too big.  And I wore it all the time.  I thought it was pretty awesome.  Then I moved to DC.  And while DC is also not the fashion capital of the world, we at least have a Banana Republic.  (Which Macon does not, by the way.)  And I realized that this skirt was far from fashionable.

At any rate, for the past five years, this skirt has managed to evade the Goodwill pile.  I almost threw it out after the zipper broke, but then I found this tutorial by Sarah and knew that this skirt's destiny had changed forever.  If she could turn an outdated pleated skirt into a dress, I could, too!!  The broken zipper kind of got in the way, so I ended up turning it into a shirt instead.

I cut straight across the skirt right where the zipper ended, and then followed the instructions from Sarah's tutorial.  Unfortunately, the neckline was WAY too big, so I simply did a quick gathering stitch all around the neckline, and it ended up being just the right size.  I didn't hem the neckline or the sleeves, partly because I was feeling lazy and partly because I kind of liked the more rugged shape.  (I did put some fray check on the edges so they don't come completely unraveled.)  Although I think it would have been cuter as a dress, I love the way the shirt turned out.  Thanks, Sarah!!


  1. that used to be a skirt?!!!! you're amazing! i think i'm going to bring some of my clothes i don't wear anymore so we can make magical things happen to them while i'm there!

  2. That's absolutely adorably stylish! You made it sound so easy to do.

  3. This is absolutely great. I'm off to raid my mom's closet for some of her skirt to make some for myself :)

  4. Hey ...I know where Macon is! I used to live in Brunswick! You did a great job what a cute idea!