Friday, May 27, 2011

Nursing cover tutorial

I'm pretty sure that most people who read this blog already have one of these.  I mean, it's not the most creative thing in the world.  I've seen free patterns for them online, but I consider using a pattern to make a nursing cover equivalent to using a recipe to make a PBJ sandwich.  Lots of moms use blankets instead of nursing covers and I've decided that either they are supermoms or they've never had a really active baby before.  Mine was super active, and although I love nursing, I don't love having my breasts exposed to the world.  So here's the solution for that.
Start out with 3cuts of fabric- a 26"x38" one, a 3"x24" one, and a 3"x6" one.  These don't have to be exact, since it's not really going to fit anything, it just has to cover.

You'll also need 12" of boning and two D-rings, shown here.
 First, fold each of the skinny cuts of fabric in on themselves and sew to make straps.  Whatever way you want to do this is fine.
Measure in 13" from each corner of the longer side (this will be the top).  This is where the boning will go, and it should be centered. I just folded the fabric over twice to cover the boning and sewed a nice little rectangle around it.  Make sure the boning curves out towards the front.  Sew the straps on each side (thread the shorter straps through the D-rings).  The next pictures show how it should turn out:

 (the boning is folded away between the straps)
 After that, you just fold the edges in and sew around the whole thing.  I like the boning because it gives you a little peep-hole to check on baby while she is nursing.
 The finished product
Or you could just have your toddler wear it as a cape.


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