Friday, May 20, 2011

I love Disney (but not the theme park)

It's true.  I love Disney.  But I don't love Disneyland or Disneyworld.  Or necessarily Walt Disney himself.  But I do love this girl (and read her blog religiously) and she just happens to be named Disney.  With a name like that, she is bound to be a happy person. (and, as it turns out, totally crafty.)

Anyway, she has some fantastic tutorials on her blog, all of which I am trying my best to copy.  (Hers always turn out way better than mine, but even with poor sewing skills, everything is SOOO cute.)

So I made her Gardens at Dusk Tank.  Except I made it a Gardens at Dusk Tee.  (I didn't have a tank on hand, but I did have a white tshirt that had a stain at the top that needed to be covered up.

I used an old sheet to make the flowery collar, because it was there and it was the right color.  (I'm cheap.  I'll use whatever fabric is free.  That's how I roll.)

I love the way this shirt turned out.  I wear it ALL THE TIME. To work, to parties, to bed....   It has become one of my all time favorite shirts.  (You can see that I used a tshirt instead of a tank - the shirt sticks out from the neckline just a bit.  If I were to re-do this, I would probably make the embellishments a little wider to cover that, but the extra sleeve really doesn't look too bad.)

LOVE the way the details with how the extra fabric kind of waves, and the flowers bunched up all around.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the back - that's my favorite part.  

I have a group of students in my third period class (a group of boys, ironically) who are having a contest to see who can most accurately guess which clothes I'm wearing are homemade, and which are store-bought.  This shirt stumped them all.  That's my gauge for an excellent homemade item.  If it looks store-bought, (especially if it looks like it came from Anthropologie, which this one does) you know you have a great homemade item.

(And just in case you couldn't tell, Disney's pictures are WAY better than mine.  Probably because hers were not taken in her bathroom.  And maybe because she lives somewhere where the sun

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  1. Your t-shirt re-do is awesome! It is totally cute! Thanks for sharing! I thought that I was a follower before, but I am sure that I am now! I would love it if you came over to Greetings From the Asylum and followed me too!