Thursday, May 19, 2011

DIY: shirt makeover (man style)

I had no idea, but it turns out my sister's boyfriend is also very crafty.  He has been studying crafting blogs for a while now, and this is his first clothing redo.  Not bad for a first try. 
Here is Landon's DIY shirt makeover...

Next time you wake up and can't find a v-neck undershirt, just follow Landon's simple steps.

1. Pull a out a crew neck t-shirt
2. Grab a pair of scissors or a knife (I prefer a knife, it creates a nice jagged edge on the v)
3. Cut

These shirts are great at showing off dark chest hair. Cut a v in the back if you have nice back hair as well. 

(In case you didn't know, this post was meant as a joke.  haha)

And this is Landon's version of a window shade.  No ruffles, but quite functional.... (there is a window behind that blanket.)

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  1. I like Landon's window shade.

    Just wanted to let you know I passed some bloggy love to you two in the form of a little award. And that I didn't follow the rules and that I am very tardy in notifying you. But want you to know I just love what you two are doing. You two are very talented. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh-and I'm weird about using my name online, but L, I'm a former church lady from when you were in high school :).