Friday, May 13, 2011

Curtains and a Window Shade

You may remember that when I re-decorated my bedroom, I made some curtains to hang on the window.  (Don't windows just look so empty without them?  It's sad.)  
Well, as it turns out, my bedroom window has a direct view of the apartment complex parking garage.  (I pay big bucks for views like this guys.  Trust me.)  

Now, our parking garage is very well-lit, which is awesome when I need to run out to my car in the middle of the night.  It is not so awesome when I'm trying to fall asleep and there is a flood light shining right into my eyes.  So I made a window shade.  And it was honestly one of the easiest projects I've completed so far.

I used some gray felt (since felt is nice and thick, and I had bought it on sale and had no other plane for it.)  I folded the top down and stitched it so that it could fit over a curtain rod.  But it looked a little plain and just kind of blah all by itself, so I took a couple of strips of the same fabric I used for my cardigan, used a gathering stitch, and then sewed them in a wavy pattern on the bottom of the shade.  I love the way the colors turned out (l like lots of different shades of gray.) 

 The curtains themselves provide a nice pop of color.  I used a deep purple material, but I bought the last of the bolt and it wasn't quite long enough to go to the floor.  So I added a strip of gray to the bottom to tie them into the rest of the room.  (Don't worry, the gray on the bottom is not nearly as metallic as it looks in the picture.  That's just the camera flash.  It's just a nice silky gray.

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  1. I need this idea too! My children have always been early risers so my 5am winter riser gets up even earlier in the summer. This idea will help me to keep him in bed just a bit longer. Then maybe I can sleep in on the weekends. (I won't hold my breath for that one!) :)