Sunday, May 29, 2011


I am a closet product junkie. (Well, apparently an open product junkie now, but whatever.  That's beside the point.)

The point is, I love trying new beauty products.  Hair, makeup, skincare, you name it.  This is why it's so necessary that I scour the clearance racks.  Otherwise, my meager teacher's salary would all be eaten up by shampoo.  And that would just be embarrassing.

Now, (since you have waited so patiently) let me present you with my current faves:

Bare Escentuals Pure Transformation Night Treatment:  I actually don't use this as a night treatment.  I use it as a foundation.  And holy moly, it makes my skin feel so wonderful and beautiful that I could marry it.  This is the only product I will pay full price for ($60.  yikes!) but it is SO worth it.

Joico Bodyluxe Thickening Shampoo:  Pretty much anything by Joico is awesome, and Trade Secret had almost all of their products on sale (80% off).  I bought one bottle of everything.  And then went back the next day and cleared the shelves.

Joico Humidity Blocker:  If you live somewhere humid this is awesome.  (And um...  I do.  DC is humid, people. And pretty dang hot in the summer.) I once walked through drizzle to get from my car to my classroom (and since I am a newer teacher, I have to park all the way down by the tennis courts.  Lame-o.) When I got inside, I headed straight to the bathroom, expecting it to be a ponytail day.  But lo and behold, my hair looked just as good as it had when I left the house that morning!  These are magical powers here.  (Actually, it's all just Chemistry, but still.  Magic sounds cooler.)

Joico Texture Spray:  Gives my hair a textured, piece-y look that have always wanted but had always alluded me.  Plus, it smells pretty.

Sea Salt Spray:  Made by me.  Creates nice, thick, wavy hair.  Which is really all I have ever really wanted out of life.

Freeman FREEM Beaut Pl of MK LT 6oz Cuc
Freeman Cucumber Peel-off Mask.  There's just something satisfying about feeling a fresh layer of clean skin underneath all of the gunk that tends to build up.  And this one is so cheap I don't even need to buy it on sale. (Gasp, I know.)

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