Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ruffle cardigan makeover

Here's another thing I found at Target years ago on clearance.  It's just a brown cardigan that I was never crazy about.  As I was going to bed a few nights ago I started thinking about it, and I decided to chop it up.  Here's how it went.

 First I cut off the sleeves (then hemmed them, of course).  I don't have any short-sleeved sweaters, and they're probably pretty impractical, but I live in Texas, so I only wear the other kind a few times a year.  I also don't love where it buttons.  It feels like one of those super long cardigans that hipsters like to wear.  (Just so you know, I use the term "hipster" almost indiscriminately. Don't be offended.)

When I first tried it on after chopping the sleeves, I noticed that it fit weird.  Then I noticed that I wasn't wearing a bra.  Let me tell you, it makes a big difference.
 It just needed something extra along the neckline.  I cut 1" wide strips out of the former sleeves, did a ruffle stitch on them (remember, highest tension and longest stitch length) and sewed them down to the neckline.  I like it this way.

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  1. Cute! I throw the label hipster around pretty loosely, too.