Wednesday, April 13, 2011

easy craft

At Christmastime, I bought a bunch of Christmas tree bulbs to make a bulb wreath for my apartment.  (It turned out looking more like a bulb blob, but I hung it up anyway.  Our house needed a little Christmas cheer.)  And while I have been accused of listening to Christmas music in June, (I don't see what's particularly wrong with that) I am a firm believer that Christmas decorations come down after New Year's.

Unfortunately, the house looked pretty empty once all of our decorations were put away, so I took some of the bulbs and wrapped them in gray and green yarn.  So easy and so quick.  (I made all of these while watching an episode of Modern Family.)

Unfortunately, the white bowl belongs to Katelyn and she recently decided that being a teacher would be more fun than working in corporate America.  (I'm going to have to agree with her on that one.)  But she took the bowl off to grad school and my bulbs are now sitting in a blue silicone casserole dish.  It somehow just doesn't have the same effect.

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