Monday, April 11, 2011

The final dress

I finally finished the Easter dress and tried it on my little girl.  I love how it matches her blue eyes and yellow hair!

 For the sash, I just hemmed a strip of fabric and then stitched it along the zipper line, as you can see in this picture:
 I also stitched it down in other places so that it wouldn't sag, and added a gray flower to finish it off.  I was really surprised at how easy this project was.


  1. After seeing the price tag on throw pillows Landon has requested that Poodle (or you, he's just afraid of the hippie style) sew him some. He would like 3. His couch is dark beige. I'll post a picture if that will help. Do you want the project?

  2. super cute dress by the way. Violet is so pretty.