Monday, June 13, 2011

How I made the dress (finally)

Sorry, guys.  My computer and I had several fights last week and my attempts to post were all in vain.  Fortunately, we are getting along now so here is the very rough tutorial for the dress.
Here are the peices for the bodice.  As you can see on the back two, I sewed a little bib on the inside for extra support.  Another weird thing is that I didn't cut the peices out all at once.  I cut the bodice, then when I was sure it fit right, I cut the midriff panel, and so on.  That way if I have to alter something, it's only one section, and not the whole dress.
 After sewing the bodice peices together, I did a gathering stitch right under the bust.  If you're not sure where you should put it you can just try it on and draw little contour lines under your bust. Worked for me.
 Then I sewed on a big chunk for the midriff panel...
 And sewed a gathered 12" wide strip of tulle to the midriff, like a sash.  It ended up being my favorite part of this dress.
I did a gathering stitch for the skirt and attatched it to the midriff panel. 
The only thing left after that was attatching the invisible zipper, attatching the sleeves, and hemming.  I'm not going to show pictures of those steps because I absolutely hate those steps and I'm pretty sure I did them wrong anyways.  I'm just telling you about them so you don't think I wore a sleveless, backless, unhemmed dress out to dinner.
Not bad for less than $20.


  1. You did a great job on this. I love the blue color. I don't blame you for not putting up pictures for the zipper. Mine always look bad. Even when I try to make it "invisable", there's little spots that creap out and say hi

  2. I luv it!
    How is the best way to do a gathering stitch?