Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fabric dressing room

This summer I have been helping my mom decorate the "play room" for the grandkids.  We decided that we wanted a little screen for the kids to change behind when they play dress-up.  At first I envisioned a painted plywood wall, but I remembered how kids like to knock things over.  And then I envisioned a trip to the emergency room to suture a dressing-room-induced wound from it being pushed onto one of the kids.  Not such a good idea after all.
And then I remembered PVC pipe. It's light, easy to cut, has ready-made joints, and rarely injures people (unless you make a potato gun out of it, but that's entirely different.)  So I headed to Lowes and concocted this frame, using four 4' segments, two 2' segments, four 1' segments, four t-joints, four 45 degree joints, and four 90 degree joints.

 This was the only tricky part.  They didn't have a 45 degree t-joint, so I had to use a plain t-joint and attatch a tiny peice to connect it with a 45 degree elbow joint.  It worked out just fine.
 Then I sewed up some curtains that were easy enough that they don't even need an explanation.
It's going to look so cute in our lemon parfait-colored room.  Ahhh, PVC pipe.

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  1. This is awesome! I'm planning to make one to use as a "travel" room divider for when we stay in a hotel later this month, to use as a privacy screen for the crib. Thanks for the materials list, super helpful!!